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Product Code: 006MTTYS01601

Category: Movable Toys

Recommended Age Range:  1-6

We are here with one of the successful mechanical wooden toys of the Metatoys family. It's fun to get the baby kangaroo in and out as you drive forward or backward. The toy can be driven easily with the support balance wheels. The baby kangaroo plays back and forth with the movement it gets from the main wheel. You are very close to meeting this cute mother and child kangaroo.


kanguru ikili.png

You can see the mother and baby kangaroo figures in our toy made of wood. When the kangaroo is driven, the baby kangaroo's back-and-forth movement will attract the curiosity of the children and will trigger the instinct to understand and explore. Responsible parents will enjoy the moment while their kids are having fun with such a healthy, natural toy.

Metatoys Hareketli Ahşap Oyuncak


The toy, which is 5 cm wide x 15 cm long, has a height of approximately x 16 cm. Box sizes and pallets are specified in the offer forms.

Metatoys prefers linden wood on production of the toys. In case of using different wood Metatoys states it on proforma invoice. The colors shown on the toys may vary depending upon the digital medya and/or the applied surface of the wood. Metatoys has the right of changing the bill of materials.

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