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Product Code: 006MTTYS01259

Category: Montessori Education

Recommended Age Range:  3+

In this toy, children play the game by putting fish according to color on the fishing bench with the number indicated. According to Montessori principles, children develop their perception and motor skills in their brains while having fun. You will also enjoy the wonderful feeling of touching the wooden surface. The appearance of the toy turns into a visual feast.

Metatoys Montessori Ahşap Oyuncak Seti
Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Seti Balıkçı Büyük Boy


The toy, which is 29 cm wide x 33 cm long, has a height of approximately x 3 cm. Box sizes and pallets are specified in the offer forms.

Metatoys Ahşap Balık


The color corresponding fish are lined up by the number of digits placed on the bars in the color regions. The child will both learn numbers from 1 to 5 and relate to colors. More than one child can be involved in this Montessori educational set.

Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Seti

Metatoys prefers linden wood on production of the toys. In case of using different wood Metatoys states it on proforma invoice. The colors shown on the toys may vary depending upon the digital medya and/or the applied surface of the wood. Metatoys has the right of changing the bill of materials.

Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Seti
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