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Product Code: 006MTTYS02907

Category: Montessori Education

Recommended Age Range:  5+

Kids are learning to count while enjoying the lovely shaped pyramidal wood. Each level has a number with gaps to be filled with either balls or any other substances. For example, the number 4 board is supposed to be filled with 4 balls. Additionally, digits are traceable with a pen. This improves the writing skills of the digits as well.

Wooden Pyramid Counting Trays (4).png
Wooden Pyramid Counting Trays (16).png


The toy, which is 22 cm wide x 22 cm long, has a height of approximately x 11 cm. Box sizes and pallets are specified in the offer forms.


Name of the Item    & Quantities
per box    Dimensions (mm ± 0.5)
The Board 10:    1 pcs    220 x 220 x 18
The Board 9:    1 pcs    < Number 10
The Board 8:    1 pcs    < Number 9
The Board 7:    1 pcs    < Number 8
The Board 6:    1 pcs    < Number 7
The Board 5:    1 pcs    < Number 6
The Board 4:    1 pcs    < Number 5
The Board 3:    1 pcs    < Number 4
The Board 2:    1 pcs    < Number 3
The Board 1:    1 pcs    68 x 68 x 18
Wooden Balls*: 10 pcs    30 mm diameter
Wooden Pen: 2 pcs    7 mm diameter x 80 mm length

Wooden Pyramid Counting Trays (14).png

*Wooden balls are optional. You might use different countable objects for learning purposes. There are nice gaps for smaller particles if considered. Wooden balls must be played under the supervision of an adult so that they are not swallowed by the child.

Wooden Pyramid Counting Trays (10).png
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