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Product Code: 006MTTYS01403

Category: Montessori Education

Recommended Age Range:  3+

Choose one of the twelve cards to get the same image by items on the toy as soon as possible. Here you go! It is your turn...

Montessori Eğitimi Ahşap Oyuncak Seti
Montessori Eğitimi Ahşap Oyuncak Seti
Metatoys Montessori Ahşap Oyuncak Eğitim Seti


The toy, which is 23 cm wide x 30 cm long, has a height of approximately x 3 cm. Box sizes and pallet sizes are specified in the offer forms.

Metatoys prefers linden wood on production of the toys. In case of using different wood Metatoys states it on proforma invoice. The colors shown on the toys may vary depending upon the digital medya and/or the applied surface of the wood. Metatoys has the right of changing the bill of materials.


There are different color sequences on the 12 cards that the toy has. The spaces left blank on the wooden surface are expressed as colorless on the card. This toy, in which we instill the first logic of coding, will prepare the infrastructure of our children's understanding of programming in the future.

Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Montessori Eğitim Seti
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