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Product Code: 006MTTYS01501

Category: Montessori Education

Recommended Age Range:  1-4

Children who want to place geometric shapes of different colors and shapes in their places on the table will use many brain motor reflexes. It will complete the set by stacking the cute stars in the center from big to small. Pedagogues recommend this toy, which relates the number of sides and the number of bars in the figures.

Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Seti
Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Seti


It is a toy that reaches a height of 8 cm in a circle that has 8 cm diameter. Box sizes and pallet sizes are specified in the offer forms.

Metatoys prefers linden wood on production of the toys. In case of using different wood Metatoys states it on proforma invoice. The colors shown on the toys may vary depending upon the digital medya and/or the applied surface of the wood. Metatoys has the right of changing the bill of materials.


We are here with one of the most beautiful toys that contribute to Montessori education. It is expected that basic geometric shapes such as squares, triangles, rectangles, pentagons, and stars should be arranged according to the rod inserts on their bodies. The stars are arranged from the largest to the smallest at the center of the toy. That is why we called it Star Tower. In any case, the toy will be one of the most colorful toys in the playroom with its large objects and wooden beauty.

Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Seti
Metatoys Ahşap Oyuncak Seti
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